Greys® Prowla Safe System Float. Sling

Greys® Prowla Safe System Float. Sling


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  • Foam coated carbon flotation rods
  • Full-length zip with central locking clip
  • Free flow draining mesh
  • Zipped safety cord with bankstick screw thread
  • Velcro spreader bars
 The ideal solution for retaining big predators before photography and weighing. Put your fish inside, close the zips and place in the water - the foam coated carbon bars will simply float on the surface. Open the top velcro spreader bars to prevent the sling from collapsing inwards, then (using the safety cord stored in a small zipped pocket), secure the sling to a bank stick or boat. The sling can be easily hung on weighing scales before removing your fish. Please note that the Safe System Floatation Sling is specifically designed for weighing and as a short term retainer for the recovery of fish after capture. It is not intended to be used as a replacement for sacks and Pike tubes, which are specialist items. As with any form of retention extreme care should be taken for the welfare and safety of the fish. Although the Safe System Floatation Sling is designed in such a way that there is a good exchange of water through it, please make sure that you retain the fish for the minimum of time necessary especially during warmer conditions.
Greys® Prowla Safe System Float. Sling
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