• Early Season Trout on Large Freestone Rivers It's well known in Scotland that April and May can be very special months in the world of fly fishing - it really is my favorite time of the year. The wild garlic has shot up through the ground, the newly born lambs are jumping about the fields and the Swallows and Sand Martin's can be seen once again. Read More
  • Fly Fishing Travels Travelling and fly fishing is a combination I've had the pleasure of experiencing over the last few years and this year has been no exception. Earlier this month I had the one of the best week's fly fishing of my life (so far) fishing on one of the best European rivers for the third time for Grayling and Brown Trout - the legendary River San in Poland. Read More
  • The Cormorants Anglers Like Over the last three seasons I have found a fly which has served me well on both the small waters I fish and the big midlands reservoirs. The fly crosses the boundary between being a small lure and one which can also display elements of imitating buzzers and other natural food sources. Read More
  • Going Overboard As the new season is almost upon us, I think we should step back and look at some of the tragic occurrences that have taken place last year and in fact the last few seasons. It's not just rivers than claim anglers lives; quite a few have been drowned falling from boats or by the boat capsizing. Read More
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  • Raking It In Weedy waters can present many issues, not least of which is finding a spot where it is possible to effectively present a baited rig. More often than not a bit, or a lot of casting around will reveal somewhere where I can get a lead to touch down. Read More
  • Seasonal Triggers There is an argument to say that fish are cold blooded so therefore the temperature dictates their activity and metabolism. But do fish have a built in sense that tells them they are at the beginning of spring regardless of temperature? Read More
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