End of season top 10 tips for perch

Gareth Goldson

  1. As Perch are shoal fish, location is everything. Look for signs of cover such as bushes, snags, and over hangs as these are prime areas for Perch.
  2. The last couple of weeks of the season see Perch at their biggest weights so maximise your time on the bank.
  3. Take plenty of bait. I find that as Perch lead up to spawning they go on the munch so I make sure I take at least 100 lob worms and a few pints of maggots on a standard trip.
  4. Stay mobile until you find the fish. I find lure fishing a fantastic way of searching out water and covering swims quickly. Once I’ve found some fish with the lures I will then switch to bait fishing to get the best out of the swim.
  5. Feed little and often. I will usually keep a steady trickle of maggots and chopped worms going into the swim to draw the Perch in and get them feeding.
  6. Perch love low light levels so will feed best at dawn or dusk particularly on bright days.
  7. It pays to use a keepnet whilst perching to stop released fish spooking the rest of the shoal.
  8. Perch love a bait that moves so it pays to twitch your bait from time to time. I will often just turn my reel handle a couple of times to drag the bait across the bottom and try and provoke a response.
  9. It pays to try and fish two different methods. Its surprising how often one method will far out score the other. My normal approach is to use worm on one rod and a small live bait on the other.
  10. Because Perch at the back end of the season are carrying spawn it’s imperative you take care whilst handling them. An unhooking matt is a must!